Hey all! The demise of a certain API has pushed me over the fence and made up my mind for me :)

I’m a guy living in Japan, fluent in English & Japanese, currently learning Vietnamese. Might tweet in Japanese sometimes.

I enjoy solving problems, helping people, and coding, and get paid to do the same.

I mostly lurked on the other site, I hope to interact more with the vibrant tech community here and hopefully share some more of my life in Japan.

Thanks @nova for the instance!

I guess it's time for me to do one of these.

I am a principal software engineer, currently working mostly in #AWS serverless field, and coding in #Terraform, #CDK, #TypeScript.
I also code #FitBit clockfaces for fun in #JavaScript and #SVG.
In my spare time I like listening to classic rock, playing VR games, and riding my Mongoose Dolomite bike.
I have 3 cats that run my life.


Greetings from a new instance!

I was born and raised in Detroit, but have been in New England since 2005. I work in the wireless industry doing sales/events/marketing/DE&I. I love #dogs but share space with 2 #cats and a boyfriend of 10 years. Love to sing, and can carry a decent tune. Sang with the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus off and on. And after avoiding the gym using COVID as an excuse, I’m restarting my fitness journey.

I don't know who you were as i cannot see who files reports on other servers.

But how dare you. You are choosing to open content warnings and they trying to ruin someone's livelihood, cut them off from an audience and destroy their business.

Its not for you. Fine please scroll by without opening the "sensitive content"

But I assure you, we stand by we stand by and as long as the rules for warnings are obeyed the posts stay!

23 new reports from remote servers for adult content on this server. Despite all this content having content warnings. Your server does not host xxx or adult workers and that is their policy and if someone on your server has uploaded some, by all means report it to us. Here, Sex workers do not live in the shadows. Mastodon is more than your local server, your local rules or local policy. Please be aware reporting content behind content warnings, proves the warnings are pointless.

A terrifying bill was just dropped in the late night hours in Oklahoma that would medically detransition all trans people up to age 26.

I called this would happen months ago - states are moving towards outright elimination.

Subscribe to support my work.


#trans #transrights #transgender #translegislation #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia

#introduction My name is Jules, I am late 40s from Merseyside. I enjoy reading, films of all eras and every genre, most sports especially rugby league and pro wrestling, and chatting on the internet. Hope to meet more like-minded people! #films #horror #rugbyleague #wrestling #movies

I’m a #writer from #Egypt, author of 10 #books of #poetry & prose.

I moved to USA 16 years ago & was granted 👽 Alien of Extraordinary Ability status as an #artist — which made me feel like ET & the tip of my finger was glowing 🙃

I celebrated my 15th #wedding anniversary a few days ago, to a sweet girl & good friend I met in college 30 years ago.

Recently, I worked as a courtroom writer on HBO’s hit #documentary The Vow (about cults) 👀

#introduction @bookstodon #JoinIn

#introduction former christian conservative. math enthusiast. stuck at home looking for work. my mom who probbally still thinks the election was rigged doesn't trust me to drive. I feel trapped, but don't worry I have a therapist.

#introduction Hello, everyone, I am Scott A. Jenkins (call me Scottie) and I am a cartoonist who writes/draws/colors & creates the #comicstrip Pudding Hill. I'll be active again after the New Year! #webcomic #illustration #comics #artvsartist2022 #twittermigration

Just thinking I should probably redo my #introduction post, now that I've been here for awhile. 🙂

Hi! My name's MK. I'm 29 female, dual-citizen of the UK and US. I'm currently living in the Central US but working on an international move back to the UK. I've been married to my wonderful husband for 10 years, and we have a 9-year-old son together.

I enjoy #photography, although I am definitely not a professional. I work in finance and am currently working on a certificate in data analytics...

Hello! I just migrated my account to the neuromatch server, time to reintroduce! #introduction

I'm Crystal, I'm a neuroscientist interested in visual development. I work for the NIH BRAIN Initiative. I enjoy exploring science and art through quilting, crafting, 3D printing. Once I 3D printed my own brain and it's white matter.

I can also be found in the woods with my two dogs, foraging for mushrooms.

Again more reports for adult workers in fully clothed promotional tweets. I am very sorry but there is a line we drew on this server. Violence is not permitted, adult material containing nude or explicit content must have content warnings, but adult workers running promo with SFW imagery does not require content warnings. You do not have to go to the onlyfans links in their posts.

Content Warning : Onlyfans/chaturbate is a nonsense warning.

SW will not live in shadows here

Please do not report adult content on our server just because your server does not allow it. If the adult content is marked as sensitive, NO ACTION WILL BE TAKEN. We are pro sex worker. XXX content not marked as sensitive will be actioned. Adult workers fully clothed selfies with links ARE NOT EXPLICIT, be serious.

So @.joinmastodon got unbanned from Twitter.

This is the first tweet that they sent after the unbanning:

"As a company from eastern Germany, we know that building a wall to try and keep people from leaving isn't a good idea."

What a response!

I’ve been here for a week or so now, and it looks like I’m staying. 😁 So time for an #introduction. Refugee from #twitter, married and retired. Love #organicgardening, #cycling. Happy places, #JerseyShore, my #garden, #CitizensBankPark, #Musikfest, my home and any place I can be with my family. Diehard #PhillySports fan. Advocate for justice, equality, saving our democracy. #liberal as they come.

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Snipesearch toot was created after a number of individuals reported they were having accounts limited. These were typically self-employed individuals' self-promoting or Adult workers.