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Doing the #introduction thing. May modify later. Been doing technical writing for 20+ years. I will toot or boost posts on many topics like: accessibility, UX, autism, nature, sustainability, intersectionality, movies, books (sci-fi, fantasy, YA, anti-racism, feminism, queer, graphic novels, history, etc.), human rights, cats, dogs, trees, smashing the patriarchy, and much more. Wannabe gardener. Live with my cat overlord.

Ok here is my #introduction pinned post.

I'm Christopher, I work as a Quality Assurance Analyst primarily on Managing small teams that carry out UI and automated testing. I am currently pursuing other interests such #voicework and #oilpainting. I also #canoe and #hike on a regular basis. I'm in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with my partner. Currently we have no animals- but are proud Uncle and Aunt to dog named Tilley.

I'm a cartoonist who draws comics, using a brush for old school inks. Fan of film noir, EC, and good manners. #introduction
#comics #EC #filmnoir #cartooning #brushinking

Merry Christmas, have unlimited skips on us. Snipesearch music has just had a long overdue overhaul, over 100,000 Tracks all free, with no skip limit

Snipesearch Play just got updated!

Play over 30,000 Flash games for free... But isn't flash dead?

A flash plugin that works in 2022 is available on the site. Enjoy the free nostalgia!!!

Be free, or I’d rather die
In memory of people died in Urumqi
Respects to all arrested citizens and students in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Nanjing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Urumqi
#china #politics #revolution @politicalscience #politicalscience

#introduction toot and hashtag dump:

After days of lurking behing the scenes and reading toots here (and witnessing the demise of the birdsite), I like what I see enough to have my own account.

I am of #Italian lineage; born and raised in #Minnesota, U.S. My hobbies include #cooking, and drinking #coffee or #wine while making #humor and #wordplay, or exploring #etymology. I love #running, but my knees definitely prefer #biking, #hiking, and #geocaching. Sometimes when indoors, I paint #mandala patterns on stones or tiles until my #cat, Peter Panther, gets in the way.

It appears to be common practice to show your pets on here. Please meet my lovely dog Wilson! He's half Australian Shepherd/Golden Retriever.

#introduction #dog #dogs #pets #dogdad

It's probably time for an #introduction post. I'm an aroace fem/enby free software activist and software dev from Canada, and I love to play & write music. I tend to post whatever is on my mind at the time, so expect everything from communism, to software, to languages. Being neurodivergent means that my judgement can sometimes be clouded, especially on topics that I'm passionate about, so if I'm offensive, or do something wrong, _please_ let me know. I'm looking forward to whatever fedi brings!

#introductions #introduction

Hello, world. I'm Krystle. Checking this place out. I have many interests including history - with a special interest in genealogy, I love reading (mainly thrillers, currently), and I was named after a perfume that was named for a soap opera character.

Never did a proper #introduction last month as I wasn't sure I'd be staying. Think I will.

Hi folks. I'm Pat.

I wrote/directed a movie in 2004, cut it on a computer with a 20gb hard drive. It ended up in every Blockbuster in the country so somehow I've managed to keep doing film stuff professionally. My new flick is a musical.

I also lecture and talk about movies at festivals. Horror mainly, but I love other stuff too.

I'm generally cheerful and try to avoid hostility.

Hello all!

I never did an #introduction post, did I?

I'm Zorin, a lynx from South Florida. I like technology, Linux, Macs, cycling, retro-tech, and just being a big nerd in general.

I tend to post lots of cat pictures. Especially of my sweet cat Annie. My other cat, Lynxie, passed away in January 2023 of CKD (basically old age) but I'll still sometimes post old photos of him. I adored him.

I'm a greymuzzle, which means I'm old. Been in the furry fandom since 1994, seen it grow and become the great place it is. My fandom interests center mainly around enjoying and supporting art and animation; never been into cosplay/fursuiting myself though I do appreciate others who do it.

Anyway, that's me. Feel free to follow and interact; I have no hangups there. :)


Over 55 yo. Married 30 plus years.

I'm an introvert who tends to lurk a lot.

I'm a reader.. science fiction, thrillers, more.. mostly audiobooks. Bad eyes.

I love photos of sunrises or sunsets; people's pets; people's knitting projects; cute things.

I have no hobbies or skills.

I like to organize information.

since i have officially joined you all here at wandering shop... here's a quick #introduction

hi hello i'm kate, i write YA/crossover #SFF and my debut novel, mindwalker, released in september. It's a YA dystopian sci-fi about a girl with a computer in her head who can take over other people's minds! it's perfect for fans of #marvel and anyone who thinks endgame did black widow dirty ;)

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