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#Introduction sure why not: I’ve been a pilot since 1996, owned a 1963 Cherokee 235 named Katy for 8 years, retired in early 2023 from a 44-year career as President of my own #advertising agency, aviation journalist and commercial photographer. I have written features for every major #aviation #magazine (including my most recent multi-year gig with Flying Magazine and, and published the Airplanista Blog for years. Also hosted the Oshbash social media meetup events at #Airventure.

Hi everyone; this is my #introduction post - I am considering an exit from twitter as I want a more stable environment to post in. I am a UK based software engineer. Hope to meet more of you all soon.

#introduction Haldo I am a tiny dragon. My main account is over at
Not quite sure what i'll do with here, but peering into how the bubbles look from this point of view.

Canadian, 33-ish, it/its plz

Please note fully clothed selfies from adult workers will not be classed as "sexually explicit" on this server. Going forward these reports will be deleted.

We will not cripple adult workers simply because you don't want to see them. They are not societies underbelly.

Cursing or Adult words are simply words.

Links to adult sites without previews are links, they are not explicit you are free to not click on them.

Sexually explicit, is ANY nudity excluding breastfeeding.

Well these instances cost a few pennies to run, so we have set up a small Patreon to support. We actually subsidise this from other projects but that well will run dry if we don't get onsite support as we are not high budget so, even a dollar a month makes a difference.

If you intend to use us to post about your fan clubs etc, please consider a higher package as it would really help with the costs of the images and videos, but we are always happy with the dollar!

With all of the horrible things happening in the world, it’s nice to find the wins. Especially in the area of our environment. A group called Coral Guardian is restoring coral reefs, and it’s quite magnificent.

These photos represent 7 years of work on the Hatamin island. In this they have increased the fish population by 5x with 53k corals restored.

More wins like this, please.

#Climate #Environment #CoralReef #Restoration #Ocean #Sea #Fish #Ecosystem

Less than 24 hours after announcing we had hit 2.5 Million Keyword relationships on the snipe indie reboot, we have just broken 5 million...This is still miles bellow usable in our eyes. But progressing at a decent pace for our nostalgic users. A rapid index option will be made available eventually and will hopefully help keep the lights on and our mastodon incidences running.

So has been "updated" well its newer code but still based on the old algorithm The design had a bit of a spruce, giving it a fun black and white news paper design. There are 2.5 million Keyword link relationships created since we restarted the crawl... That's not as big as it sounds. Obviously is superior, but you want nostalgic, its indie.

Another 10 Features added on Snipesocial Movies for Free

Frosty the Snowman (short)
Frosty the Snowman
Hardrock, Coco and Joe: The Three Little Dwarfs
Baby Sitters - The New Three Stooges
The Bigger They Are The Harder They Hit - New Three Stooges
Boobs in the Woods - The New Three Stooges
Call of The Wile - The New 3 Stooges
Dentist The Menace - The New Three Stooges
DinoPooodi - The New Three Stooges
Don't Misbehave Indian Brave - The New Three Stooges


OK, so, new introduction post. Just moved here from Hachyderm, because I saw that signups here on .lol were open again, and quite a few people there suggested that if I didn't like it there, I should move.


Since my previous introduction was a whole thread, and I don't want to reproduce it verbatim, I'll just pin this, boost some old posts, and then also link it so people can find it later;

#introduction #hachyderm

New server, new #introduction-- Hello! We are a new #SFF magazine publishing short stories and poems centred around long-term relationships of all kinds, be they family, romantic, platonic, etc.
We are especially interested in work featuring #queer platonic relationships, ace/aro love stories and polycules.
We are open now for general submissions! More details:

#SpeculativeFiction #WritingCommunity #Poetry #SpecPo #Fantasy #ScienceFiction #CanLit

Hi folks … here’s an #introduction … I’m David J Howe … an #author and #publisher … specialist in #doctorwho and #horrorfilms … I run #telos an independent publisher of #horror and #genre books also #artbooks and #television and #film #spinoff #factualbooks … Married to the awesome #novelist and #scriptwriter #samanthaleehowe

So I have shared a lot of but I don't think I have done an myself.

I am a faceless corporation. ;) No I joke. I formed back in 2009 with a friend in the Netherlands because we were sick of google watching every damned thing we did. A few years later we added because we were sick of facebook doing the same.

In 2022 my friends and family continue to contribute, to keep the dream alive. Very little money is made lol

New instance, new #introduction right?

I'm the local admin of, a regional Connecticut :ct: instance.

I’m a husband and father of two on a journey to redefine myself. A year ago, I would’ve started with job titles; when I took paternity leave after 17 years of work (only a week of PTO here or there), I found a new perspective.

I enjoy reading #ScienceFiction, #fantasy, & #NordicNoir; #dnd5e; bonfires with friends and #beer; and sometimes just enjoying a moment alone.

So I guess I was supposed to do an #introduction better late then never anyway. I love #family #dogs #icedcoffee so yeah #basicbitch #midwest I believe you can’t believe anyone. Take that as you will. I don’t have many #friends but I don’t mind being alone. You control your life #onlysky #treatothershowyouwanttobetreated

My name is Paul Nicholas - I'm a Software Engineer by day (mostly C# #DotNet) and enjoy doing #GameDev by night 👨‍💻

My main hobby of late has been creating #demake's with #Pico8 - inc. #LowMemSky & #SCUMM8

Most recently, I released #UnDUNE2 - The Demaking of a Dynasty:

Currently, I'm working on:
🗺️ #SAGEngine - my Simple Adventure Game Engine

Support me here:

For everything else:


New to Mastodon so quick #introduction, I'm Callum, I’m in the UK and have a degree in Computer Networking & Cybersecurity. I started my career as a Network Designer, and now work as a Digital Accessibility Specialist for one of the UK's largest telco providers, making sure their customer facing apps and websites are as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. I've also been completely blind from birth. Expect plenty of #a11y posts as well as general tech observations/ramblings ☺️

Doing the #introduction thing. May modify later. Been doing technical writing for 20+ years. I will toot or boost posts on many topics like: accessibility, UX, autism, nature, sustainability, intersectionality, movies, books (sci-fi, fantasy, YA, anti-racism, feminism, queer, graphic novels, history, etc.), human rights, cats, dogs, trees, smashing the patriarchy, and much more. Wannabe gardener. Live with my cat overlord.

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